Lucy & DiC Season 1 – Coming Soon

Season 1 – WATCH HERE

Cast: Lucy Gransbury, Ethan ‘Ozzyman Reviews’ Marrell, Kate Box, Richard Davies, Steven ‘Bajo’ O’Donnell, Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixsen, Ben Nicholas, Jessica Rose, Natasha Wanganeen, Michael Philippou, Stella Badenoch, Roy Phung, Matt Crook, Poppy Mee, Fuko Suzuki,  Tim Phillipps, Aaron Schuppan





Lucy & DiC (proof of concept short film)

A simple urban story about a girl and her robot, a floating support drone that talks and is a bit of a asshole.

Lucy Gransbury as Lucy

Ethan ‘Ozzyman Reviews’ Marrell as DiC

Produced with We Made A Thing Studios, Rising Sun Pictures Education, UniSA – Media Arts

Lucy & DiC Created by Jeremy Kelly-Bakker and Tom Phillips


Lucy & DiC – Mini-Adventures

How to be a brand ambassador – Mini-Adventure 1


How to do good at business – Lucy & DiC Mini-Adventure 2